On 30 July 2005 we continued our Summer Festival of Painting with the second phase of this retotating exhibition. We presented gallery artists Heike Ruschmeyer and Frank Tornow with Barbara Collinet as our guest artist. Thomas Gentner was responsible for the arrangement of the works exhibited.
At the opening on 30 July we were pleased to welcome the return of the dancer Stefanie Wietzig (rf. “Alphabet Dance”) in her second appearance in our gallery showrooms. With choreographic support by Stefanie, we offered a unique preview of the Second Fashion Dance Performance organized by the Berlin Fashion Designer Meike Deter. The event was a joint effort, with dance coordination by Stefanie Wietzig and new women’s fashion from the Spring/Summer 2006 collection of Meike Deter. During the opening, four dancers positioned in the corners of our front showroom silently posed in varying dance stances providing a spontaneous mixture of statuesque static gestures and a corporal dialogue among the dancers. We are grateful to the dancers Stefanie Wietzig, Sibylle Günther, Simone Hörster, and Mika Yuasa for their subtle performance. Art and dance movements formed an eye-opening exchange which led visitors to see both in a new light. The photos here are by Kerstin Siehl (FAKB):