In autumn 2003 EMERSON Gallery Berlin opened its doors for the first time to present contemporary art exhibits in Berlin’s upstart “Mitte” district. In the heart of the city, in the extended gallery location “MitteNord“ between Torstraße and Invalidenstraße, EMERSON Gallery Berlin will offer new art with particular emphasis on artist positions to social issues. The gallery’s director, Russell Radzinski, is a former New Yorker who has put together a Berlin team to discover new directions in art by primarily younger artists. The gallery’s program is not constrained by attention to any particular artistic medium, rather, the common denominator is strong artistic expression with a focus on art’s standpoint to contemporary society. Exhibits are to be supplemented with a cultural program consisting of related literary readings, performances and roundtable discussions designed to encourage a dialogue with gallery visitors. Through these accompanying events the art exhibited is meant to be actively discussed and not simply viewed or consumed passively.