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Painting that soars ... Antje Neppach “The Nature of Things”


Location: Parkwächterhaus in Lietzenseepark
(2nd floor: Wundtstraße 39, 14057 Berlin)

Reception: Sunday, 15 October 2017
2:00 - 6:00 PM

The artist will be present.

All art is local. That is a fashionable idea shared by pundits as different as the African-American artist Gilda Snowden as well as the renowned art critic Donald Kuspit. The notion also goes a long way in explaining the current exhibition of paintings by Antje Neppach (born 1963 in Berlin) in Germany’s historic Lietzenseepark.

In the show, we are confronted with birds, paintings of birds, dozens of them, of all different sorts. With volatile brushwork, they soar and flutter. Hanging in the Parkwächterhaus in Lietzenseepark the presentation has more of the effect of a site specific installation rather  than a classic exhibition of paintings. The works speak to their surroundings, among trees and water, chirping and tweeting in the old-fashioned sense.

On another level, the paintings work as portraits, proud portrayals of significant personalities, a well-known genre in the history of painting. The birds are mostly presented in three-quarter profile, revealing a personality all their own. It is only when the viewer enters the upper floor of the exhibition that the significance of the portrait presentation strikes home: Now sculptures accompany the paintings. Busts of human figures face the paintings of birds. The contrast of media as well as subject suggests new questions. Humanity is surrounded by nature and in the process, the viewer of this exhibition is faced with new food for thought.

The exhibition is offered in support of the citizen’s initiative ParkHaus Lietzensee e.V. The group is driving the renovation of the historic custodian’s residence which is part of the Lietzenseepark landscaping protected as a architectural monument. Among other activities, the initiative has led a successful donation drive to fund the up-coming renovation. (Cf.

Due to the renovation efforts, visitors of the exhibit are limited to groups of ten at a time. We appreciate your understanding for these circumstances.

Duration of the Exhibition: 06. October – 17. October 2017
Viewing Hours:

Saturday / Sunday 2:00 – 6:00 pm         Monday / Tuesday / Friday  4:00 – 6:00 pm        and by appointment

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